Many of us (myself included) rely on supplements to keep us healthy and happy. The problem is this: unless the supplement causes harm by having extra ingredients in it, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t step in to regulate them. What to do?

Seeing this need and wanting to do something about this, Consumer Labs has stepped in to help out. There are plenty of free resources listed on their website, but to fund their research—they also have a subscription service so that the public can do in-depth research on their own supplements. The research not only alerts subscribers to harmful substances, but also allows us to know if we are getting the full amount of the supplements that we think we’re buying!

Here’s just a few of their review topics and there are many, many more on their website:

Too Much or Too Little Vitamin D Found in Some Supplements

Deficiencies Found in B-Complex Products; See Caffeine Levels in Energy Drinks

Defects Found in 32% of Multivitamins

See Tests of 21 Turmeric/Curcumin Supplements and Spices

I have subscribed to this website as a service to my clients so I can help them evaluate their supplements and help them get the full benefit of any and all supplements they take to maintain their health. Check Consumer Labs out—-I think you’ll find it very informative!