With the premiere of “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” movie, the issue of informed consent about our own body tissues and medical information has resurfaced. 

The Verge (see below for link) recently reported that Google through their Alphabet Verily division is launching Project Baseline to enroll 10,000 participants to use their medical test results and other data to further new research. 

Yet, this data will also be sold to interested parties.  Ancestry.com and 23andme.com also sell their data to pharmaceutical companies as well as other companies who want this data.  In fact, they make most of their money from these sales versus the money they make from private subscribers to their services.

What do you think of these developments?  Should we be compensated for letting these groups use our medical information?  Or should it be for the good of all and we should be happy to donate this? 

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