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Our Medical Records for Sale? The Launch of Google’s Project Baseline

With the premiere of “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” movie, the issue of informed consent about our own body tissues and medical information has resurfaced.  The Verge (see below for link) recently reported that Google through their Alphabet Verily division is launching Project Baseline to enroll 10,000 participants to use their medical test results and other […]


Adventures in Misdiagnosis: The “Sinatra” infection?

There’s so many ways that mistakes are made in the health care chain. Sometimes, I think our medical information falls prey to a game of “Telephone” where the story gets changed as it gets passed along. Here’s something that happened to me recently: I received a call from my doctor’s office with the results of bacterial culture […]


Patient Safety: Hospital Medication Mistakes

The World Health Organization just announced that they are targeting medication mistakes which they say kill one person per day and injures 1.3 million per year. Their goal is to work with health care professionals to stop these errors from happening. My goal as a patient advocate is to educate people, especially those going to […]